Photo Essay: Stunning Coastline Views and Malibu Beaches

Last Updated on September 11, 2016

Have you noticed yet that we really, really love the beach?

We wanted to venture somewhere new on this trip, so we decided to drive up to Malibu to explore the gorgeous Malibu beaches. Driving along the Pacific Coast Highway, you’re treated to some stunning coastline views. Malibu really is a beach-lovers dream. We saw the iconic Surfrider Beach, which was absolutely packed with surfers, saw the cave-like rocks and cliffs at El Matador State Beach, and finally settled for some digging in the sand and relaxation at Zuma Beach.

Stunning Malibu Beaches and Views

The drive definitely is beautiful!
Stunning views

Zuma Beach

Zuma Beach was beautiful and was such a huge and gorgeous Malibu beach! We were lucky to have a ton of space to ourselves, with people very few and far between along the beach. The scenery was stunning; from the beach you also have a wonderful view of the mountains. Zuma was peaceful and quiet compared to the other beaches near LA.

There is pay parking right on the doorstep of the beach, but you can also park for free along the road and walk a few extra feet, if you arrive early enough.

Stunning views
Running races along the beach!
Enjoying the bucket and sand
Beautiful, beautiful sand
Gorgeous or what?
Beautiful beach!
Sadie thought it was hilarious when I would throw her up in the air as the waves crashed against the shore.
Madison loved making a game of throwing her up in the air as the waves crashed against the shore.

El Matador Beach

El Matador Beach is a bit secluded, and it sure is a beautiful, scenic place to visit in Malibu. It was a great place for taking pictures. You’ll be amazed at the stark contrast of the beauty that awaits you beyond the unassuming parking. This is where we were initially headed for our day in Malibu, but the parking and beach were taken over by camera crews and what looked like bikini photography shoots, so we decided to venture to Zuma Beach instead.

We still had to take a look, however, and this is some of the beauty that we saw:

The path to the beach is a little rough
Stunning view even from the top
What a perfect beach to watch the sunset


The beaches in California we visited proved to be breathtaking and a great place to get some sun while getting sand between our toes, or dancing around in the water.


What is your favourite beach in California?