Photo Essay: The Medievel Picturesque Town Of Bruges

Bruges is one of our favourite European destinations. Once you have walked the streets of Bruges, it would be hard to not see why. Bruges has most of its medieval architecture intact and the historic centre of Bruges was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. Picturesque cobbled lanes, medieval Flemish architecture and bridges and canals linking everything the city has to offer from stunning views to towers and historic churches. Everywhere you turn you are surrounded by stunning medieval beauty. While you could explore Bruges in only a day if you wanted to, we recommend at least staying overnight to you can soak in the atmosphere and beauty before running off to your next destination. Bruges deserves some of your time to be fully appreciated! Bruges has become quite the tourist destination, but great destinations usually do as they don’t stay a secret for very long.

One of our favourite parts of Bruges, aside from the beauty, was being surrounded by so much chocolate. We also made sure we stopped at the Choco Story: The Chocolate Museum to get a glimpse into the world of the chocolatier, learn about chocolate production back to its role as an Aztec currency, as well as enjoyed sampling a praline after watching it be freshly made. There were also a ton of interesting and ‘naughty’ chocolates available on display, giving even the most mature person a giggle.

The main square in Bruges is the historic Markt that is surrounded by medieval-style buildings, open-air restaurants and  lace shops and market stalls. The Markt is also the perfect place to sit and enjoy some famous Belgian beer – some bars offer 100 varieties. We grabbed our beers from a Markt store that had so many flavours and variety to choose from that it made the decision so much harder.

We also found the free walking tour available through our hostel (Snuffel) to be very informative and it was great to have a group to walk around and explore with. It helped give us a more complete picture of Bruges as well as some great tips. It may be a ‘free’ tour, but tipping is of course encouraged at the end. We always recommend taking a walking tour if available to get yourself better oriented with where you are visiting so that you can make the most of your time spent there.

Take a look for yourself and see just how gorgeous and fun this place is:



bruge1 brugge2



bruge2 brugge3

brugge4 brugge8



brugge1 brugge7 brugge11 brugge12


We absolutely fell under Bruges’ spell and were charmed by the atmosphere and all of its beauty. Bruges’ medieval architecture is absolutely mind-blowingly beautiful. Bruges is one place we would go back to in a heartbeat.


What are your thoughts about Brugge?