Pinball Paradise: The Pinball Hall Of Fame In Las Vegas

Last Updated on February 3, 2024

Step Into The Classic: The Pinball Hall Of Fame

Step out of the relentless glow of the Vegas strip, and for a moment, let time freeze. Imagine yourself surrounded by the tunes of yesteryear and the electric buzz of a bygone age. Here, in the dimly lit arcade of the Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame, history isn’t just on display — it’s ready to play.

Pinball Hall Of Fame In Las Vegas

Spanning across 25,000 square feet and housing more than 200 pinball machines, the Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame is more than a museum; it is a living archive where each flipper, bumper, and light captures a different era. The silver balls ricochet with stories and memories, drawing in enthusiasts and curious minds alike to experience firsthand the charm of skillful nudges and high scores. Here, every machine holds a legacy, meticulously maintained to preserve the integrity of its original gameplay.


At the age of 16, Tim Arnold embarked on a journey of collecting pinball machines. During his childhood, pinball enjoyed immense popularity, despite being prohibited in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago due to its association with gambling. Fortunately, the ban was lifted in the 1970s, granting access to pinball for everyone. Throughout the years, Tim dedicated himself to expanding his collection, amassing an impressive array of both pinball machines and vintage arcade games.

In the early 1990s, he and his wife, Charlotte, relocated to Las Vegas. Accompanying them was an impressive collection of nearly 1,000 pinball machines. Eventually, the pinball machines were relocated to a warehouse. “Fun Nights” started, where the public could indulge in the games. The objective was to generate sufficient funds to establish the Las Vegas Pinball Museum, The Pinball Hall Of Fame, which materialized in 2006.

What Is The Point Of Pinball?

The game’s object is generally to score as many points as possible by hitting these targets and making various shots with flippers before the ball is lost. Most pinball machines use one ball per turn (except during special multi-ball phases), and the game ends when the ball(s) from the last turn are lost.

Is Pinball A Skill Or Luck?

Pinball is often hailed as a game that beautifully blends skill and luck. The outcome of a pinball game is molded by the player’s dexterity in maneuvering the flippers and executing strategic shots, while also being influenced by the game’s inherent unpredictability.

Icons In Motion

With over 200 vintage pinball machines, each is emblazoned with its own unique story. Some of the oldest pinball machines have information cards about the game, including how many were made of the version. Prepare to be mesmerized as you delve into the intriguing histories of some, and come realize the remarkable age of others.

Even if you don’t like pinball machines or arcade games, you’ll leave wishing you were able to play each and every game in the collection. You’ll feel more joy and potential anger in the few hours you spend there than you ever imagined you would.

Collections of old and new machines will keep you playing for hours. A trove of pinball machine icons from the 1940s to present are maintained and displayed for all visitors to enjoy.

The Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas is not just a museum; it is an interactive experience that brings to life the history of pinball. With every flip, bump, and nudge, visitors are transported back in time.

It’s more than a game — it’s a connection to the roots of American pop culture and technology. High-scores and fun facts accompany historic machines, offering a narrative that’s as exciting as the gilded surfaces and flashing lights. These are the icons, the innovators that transformed bars into battlefields of steel, flashing neon, and strategic collisions.

But it’s not just about the machines themselves, it’s also about the iconic artwork that adorns them. From vibrant cartoon characters to sleek sci-fi designs, these pinball machines are a visual delight. And as you play, you can’t help but feel like you’re stepping back in time to experience the nostalgia of a simpler era.

More Than Just a Museum

As fingers deftly press buttons and flippers spring to life, the machines roar with the antics of silver balls and cascading lights. This isn’t just a museum exhibit… It’s a hands-on timeline of entertainment, a symphony of nostalgia for the young and young at heart.

While many people visit the Pinball Hall of Fame to relive their childhood memories, it’s also a place for newcomers to discover the thrill and challenge of pinball. With the large variety of pinball machines, it is the perfect place for beginners to learn.

Experience a captivating journey into the rich history of pinball. Nowhere else can you find the vibrant essence of pinball’s golden age still thriving, waiting to be explored.

Generations Of Play

Eyes gleam with delight as visitors — both familiar with these relics and those encountering them for the first time — take their turn at the helm of these mechanical wonders. Fathers guide sons, grandmothers challenge granddaughters, and friends cheer each other on in this game of multi-generational fun.

How Much Does It Cost To Go To The Pinball Hall Of Fame?

At no cost for admission, only the cost of the games you play, it’s an absolute steal. And the best part? Your quarters will contribute to a worthy cause. The Hall of Fame primarily supports the Salvation Army, alongside various non-denominational charities in the Las Vegas Valley.

Games range from $0.25 to $1 per play.

Know Before You Go

Before you venture out to the Pinball Hall of Fame, there are a few tips to help you make the most of your visit:

  • Allow plenty of time—there are more machines to play than you might expect, and each one offers a unique experience.
  • Dress comfortably for you will be on your feet, navigating from one pinball challenge to another.
  • Don’t forget to bring some quarters; or money for the change machine.
  • Bring your curiosity and a competitive spirit—the high scores aren’t going to beat themselves!


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