Practical Ways To Travel More

Our travel plans may be on hold for the moment, but there’s no doubt that many of us are spending our time at home conjuring up ideas for future trips. If you’re a victim of wanderlust, and you’d love to be able to travel more, here are some practical ideas to help you spread your wings.

Traveling with work

If you have a job that involves taking the odd trip overseas, it’s worth exploring possibilities to travel more, such as switching to a different role or asking your boss about bleisure breaks. Bleisure is a relatively new trend, which combines business and leisure. The aim is to enable employees to enjoy the best of both worlds. Workers can travel for meetings and conferences, but they can also take some time out to explore new cities or visit attractions. Another option is to ask your employer about the possibility of relocating to a different office for a period of time. If you work for an international company, and you have branches in Paris, London, Vienna or Sydney, for example, would you be interested in taking up a placement abroad, and is this a viable option for your boss?

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Changing career to explore the world

Many of us are limited to a couple of weeks of vacation time each year, but some people fly all over the world for work. If you’re really keen to travel extensively, whether that means touring the US or visiting foreign countries or far-flung destinations, it may be worth considering a change of career. Working in the travel and tourism industries are obvious choices, but many businesses and organizations hire overseas representatives. From marketing and communications to charity work and healthcare, there are opportunities for a diverse range of employees.

Buying a second home

If you love to travel, and you’d like to be able to get away more frequently, buying a second home might be an option worth exploring. Whether you tend to revisit the same places, or you’re looking for a vacation base in a destination you’ve never been to before, investing in bricks and mortar could bring financial rewards at the same time as enabling you to travel more often. Think about how far you want to travel, what kind of property you’re looking for and how you like to spend your time when you’re away. Do you fancy chilling out by the sea and buying a beach house in California, have you got designs on a quaint cottage in a peaceful village in the UK countryside, or does the idea of building on land in Thailand appeal? Are you keen to embrace action and adventure in a Swiss ski resort or does the prospect of la dolce vita tick all of the boxes? The first steps to take if you’re considering buying land or property overseas are setting a budget and choosing a location. If you plan to rent your second home out to generate extra income, you’ll need to think about what holidaymakers are looking for. Once you’ve got a short-list of locations, do some research and find out more about legal processes. You might find that buying real estate overseas is very different to purchasing property in the US.

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Taking an extended break

Many of us don’t travel as much as we’d like to because we can only take a limited amount of time off work and our kids have to go to school. It can be difficult to get away for an extended period of time if you have a full-time job or you’re a parent. If these obstacles are restricting your globe-trotting plans, there might be a way forward. In some cases, employers allow employees, particularly those who have been at a company for a long time, to take an extended break. If you have a lot of annual leave left, it’s worth asking about the possibility of taking a longer vacation. This way, you can travel during the school holidays.

Saving money on traveling

Money is a barrier for many for when it comes to jetting off and touring the world. If you can’t afford to go away as often as you’d like to, there are several ways to save. The cost of flights varies hugely, and it’s beneficial to compare prices before you book. Use the Internet to look at flights on different dates from multiple airlines. If you’re flexible, you could save hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Taking a slightly longer route, which involves a stop-off, could also bring the price down considerably. As well as saving on flights, you might also be able to reduce spending by exploring more diverse accommodation options. Instead of booking a hotel, for example, why not look at apartments to hire, campsites or a home swap? It’s also a good idea to sign up to discount sites to receive information about flight and accommodation sales and to book extras, for example, luggage, car hire and transfers online.

Working while you travel

Many people have aspirations to travel, rather than to take a vacation by the beach once a year. If you want to hop from one country to the next, or you dream of spending months in Australia, New Zealand or Europe, for example, you could think about working while you travel. If you get a seasonal job, you could work for a few weeks or months and then spend the rest of your time exploring. There are several types of casual roles, which are popular with those on the move, including bar work, helping out on farms, working for tour and activity operators and teaching language classes.

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Do you dream of spreading your wings and traveling around the world? If you’re keen to book more vacations, or you have plans to take the trip of a lifetime, there are ways of getting around barriers and overcoming hurdles. Look into ways you could travel more with work, take tips to save money on board and explore the possibility of buying a second home if you’re looking for an investment opportunity.