Relaxing In Sunriver Oregon

Last Updated on April 29, 2016


Sometimes you just need to kick back and relax. No big plans, just a cute 70’s vintage looking house (which when looking towards the kitchen totally made me think “Brady Bunch”), great company and a couple of fun little girls to explore with.

We didn’t have huge plans for Sunriver and went in with the only expectation to relax and have some girl time. After all, it had been a while since I had seen my American sister from another mister, and catch up time was mandatory.

When we walked into the house, we absolutely loved its charm. Sure, it wasn’t updated, but it was comfy, cozy, and the perfect setting for some sangria and delicious food.


Not updated, but so cozy and a relaxing weekend was had

The town itself was very quiet. It was off-season, but it must have been spring break somewhere in Oregon, or nearby, as there were still plenty of families going for a bike ride, skater boys/girls and groups of giggly girls. Wandering around the village, it sort of reminded me of a small version of one of my favourite places- Whistler, BC. You could find whatever your heart desired there: restaurants, boutique shopping, coffee and pastries, candy and confections.




Of course we’re always in a mood for ice cream and we sure enjoyed the Cookie Dough ice cream from Goody’s, a Sunriver icon since 1984. They make their own delicious super premium ice cream, toppings, hand crafted chocolate chocolate and caramel corn.


This cone was freaking huge!

Walking from the house to the village we noticed a couple cool features. The roads are for cars only, with there being miles of a completely separate sidewalk for any pedestrians, wether on bike, skateboard, or foot. We loved how much safer this felt, especially with all the winding roads, crazy shaped round-abouts and confusing streets (even our GPS couldn’t handle it). We also loved how when you crossed the street, you went through a pedestrian tunnel.


Kids have no concept of worrying and living up to responsibilities or overwhelming to-do lists. They feel no embarrassment in falling over, getting it wrong, or showing anyone exactly how they feel. It was great being in a relaxing atmosphere where we could join in with the girls and feel worry free and almost like kids again. All the fun and none of the stress. Always feeling giddy and excited for what was next, even if it was just an ice cream cone. Watching their excitement made us excited for the simple things; the things you often overlook or forget to stop to acknowledge. And that is such an important part of being able to completely relax. And, relax we sure did!

Sadie enjoying some R&R
Madison had so much fun she passed out no problem at bedtime. So much open space to run around.

We loved renting a home for a couple days. The homes are extremely popular as families get a true home-away-from-home set up. It was a great way to travel with the girls and being in a home setting made it that much more comfortable for them to relax.

Is there a resort town near you that you suggest for a few days of rest, relaxation and fun?