The Beauty Of Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving In Hawaii

Last Updated on May 6, 2021

For first time visitors to Hawaii, the popular destination seems to be Oahu. Though you will be able to feel how Americanized Oahu has become, there is no escaping the natural beauty that lies within. We have always wanted to try Scuba diving and Hawaii seemed like a comfortable location to learn by jumping right into the water. When certification is done this way, it counts as two dives.

A little intimidating at first, the instructor takes you through the scuba basics such as clearing the water from your mask, proper use of the oxygen, and getting water out of your mouth.

The feeling of being so weightless and the close encounters with aquatic wildlife are absolutely magical. After scuba diving, we realized that we really had been missing out. After all, without scuba diving you wouldn’t be able to take in what goes on beneath the surface of near 70% of our amazing planet. Under the sea, it really is a magical experience and very surreal. We were in awe of the beauty underwater.

The least enjoyable part of Scuba for us was getting any water out of the goggles that sneaks in. The salt water is not friendly to your eyes and takes what felt like a couple minutes for the stinging to go away.

Hawaii is beautiful, but below the water’s surface is a whole new world to discover. This world is serene, feels like it moves in slow-motion, is silent beyond hearing your own breath and mystery lurks all around you. Below the surface the upstairs world fades away. At points I felt like I stopped breathing as I was in such awe. Scuba Diving was unlike anything we had experienced before. However, it wasn’t just the creatures that were fascinating. Coral in a myriad of colours surrounds your every move.

Exploring the ocean – Sea Urchin

Jumping off the boat just off of Hanauma Bay, we were taken to two different dive spots that were thirty feet deep.The sheer amount of wildlife under our waters, even just thirty feet under, is incredible.

A little intimidated at first

At first, being in open water was a little intimidating. Once your breathing is regulated and you realize you CAN scuba, the open water fear disappears and it is quite enjoyable swimming as a fish in the ocean. It’s a feeling that is hard to describe; you just feel amazing.

Swimming with Sea Turtles was always a dream, and during the second dive, it was incredible to see the Sea Turtles in their natural habitat and to be able to ‘swim with them.’ They are stunning creatures and glide so gracefully through the water.

Diving with Sea Turtles

We chose Waikiki Diving Center to go Scuba diving with. It was a great experience and a reliable company if you ever decide to dive in Honolulu. We always felt safe during the entire experience and felt that if something were to happen, that we would be well taken care of.

Eventually we would love to get our full certification; must find the time!

We also learned a very valuable lesson that we cannot stress enough. While diving, take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but bubbles, and touch only the ocean.


Have you ever tried scuba diving, or have your certification? What is your favorite dive you have done?