Hiking To Find Sea Stars At Smuggler Cove

Last Updated on May 8, 2021

Last time we were on the Sunshine Coast, we didn’t get to Smuggler Cove. Since then we had seen so many pictures of the beauty that we had to make sure we made it there on this trip. As soon as we were off the ferry, it was the first place we headed before checking into our cool Geodesic Dome for the weekend.

It took us about three hours round-trip for this 4km hike when you count the time spent looking for Sea Stars and Jellies. Considering that it was more than just a flat path and the fact that we were stopped a couple of times by others doing the hike to tell us it was impressive we would attempt it with little kids, the girls sure did well. We had to take some turns carrying them a bit as their little legs got tired, and Jacob was of course in the baby carrier, but the hike was incredible. It was simple enough to do with kids. It was neat to watch the girls be in their element, exploring the nature around them. With the rainy day our first day on the Sunshine Coast, there were even plenty of slugs to discover and the girls were fascinated by everything surrounding them.

Our main reason for this hike was to go and search for Sea Stars with the kids — and we found plenty of them! They were all a lovely purple, which I have heard has to do with the water temperature and environmental factors surrounding the Sea Stars. We also found a lot of orange and clear jellies and tiny little crabs crawling around. All were such cool sights to find and show the kids.

The hike to Smuggler Cove was gorgeous. The scenery around us was so picturesque and everywhere we turned our minds were blown about the beauty and power of nature.

Where Is Smuggler Cove?

Smuggler Cove Marine Provincial Park is located north of Sechelt, near Halfmoon Bay. The scenic coastal views of the cove and shoreline along the Strait of Georgia are breathtaking.

Take a look to see why you’ll want to do this hike:



It’s always fun to see the leaves starting to change colour!
The colours of some of the leaves were so vibrant — and it was only the beginning of September!
One of the reasons we love Fall.




The girls loved finding slugs. Madison was fascinated, while Sadie touched it and decided she didn’t like the feeling.
Learning a little about Slugs!
The girls did so well with this hike that wasn’t so easy for them.









Look at all those layers – fascinating!
Finding star fish
Getting a look at some Sea Stars.
star fish
How pretty are these purple Sea Stars?
Searching for natural wonders at Smugglers Cove, Sunshine Coast BC
Searching to see what nature treasures could be found

Smugglers Cove, Sunshine Coast BC

Jellyfish, Smugglers Cove, Sunshine Coast BC

Sea Stars, Smugglers Cove, Sunshine Coast BC

Sea Stars, Smugglers Cove, Sunshine Coast BC


Smugglers Cove, Sunshine Coast, BC

Smugglers Cove, Sunshine Coast, BC

What a trooper! Sadie (2 years old) almost made it the whole way back before falling asleep on Darcy’s head.



Have you ever been to British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast? What are your favorite spots along the Sunshine Coast?