Snowshoeing Dog Mountain At Vancouver’s Seymour Mountain

Last Updated on September 11, 2016

Snowshoeing with a view : Magnificent snow-capped mountains & breathtaking views of Vancouver & beyond

Mount Seymour is a ski area mountain located in Mount Seymour Provincial Park in the District of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is a part of the North Shore Mountains and is most commonly identified for its ski area of the same name, and as a popular Vancouver hiking area.

Seymour Mountain

Seymour Mountain

Seymour Mountain
The trails are well groomed and the paths are well marked and easy to follow

Dog Mountain is a fantastic snowshoeing trail that starts from the parking lot of Mount Seymour. A 4.5 km trail, it is great when you want to do a complete trail, and only want to spend a couple hours. We spent two and a half hours on this trail, as we took time to stop, take photos and enjoy the surroundings after summiting the mountain.

Seymour Mountain
Enjoying the fogged-over view

Seymour Mountain

Seymour Mountain
Just before we started to head back down, the view started to clear

When the day is clear, you’ll be treated to nice mountain views of Lynn Peak, Coliseum Mountain, Vancouver, Stanley Park, The Lion’s Gate Bridge and Point Grey. This morning it was rather cloudy, but it didn’t take the clouds long to part, showing off the spectacular view for a few minutes before the view once again hid behind the clouds.

Seymour Mountain

Seymour Mountain

Seymour Mountain

Snowshoeing is fun for the whole family and you can go with people of varying skill levels and have a fabulous time, as well as a great, fun workout. Snowshoeing is becoming quite the popular snow activity for those who want to explore outdoors beyond snowboarding and skiing.

Seymour Mountain
Diana and Bentley

I (Debbie) went snowshoeing with my sister and her dog, Bentley. Our beautiful beagle Bailey is getting a little old to take on such an adventure as she tires easier at her age. We love the Dog Mountain trail because it is dog friendly and we haven’t found any comparable snowshoeing that allows you to bring your furry family members along. Dogs must be on a leash at all times.

We also love Seymour Mountain as you save the cost of having to ride a Gondola up the mountain to take part in any mountain activities. At Seymour, you get out of your car and you’re right at the doorstep for a myriad of winter activities. The trails are well marked and as long as you stay on the marked path, you shouldn’t have any problems finding your way.

Downfall: If you don’t go early morning on a weekend, the trail gets really busy. Go on a weekday or early on a weekend and you will spend most of the time surrounded by silence and the only sounds you will hear aside from the great outdoors is the sound of your snowshoes compacting the snow.

Bonus: There is no fee to enter this trail since it is part of the provincial park and not the Seymour ski area. Parking is also free. If you have your own snowshoes, it is a real win!

There are also a variety of guided tours available, from “Legends and Lanterns”, “Chocolate Fondue”, and “Baby & Me”.

Seymour Mountain  Seymour Mountain

Some things to consider when taking off on a snowshoe trek:

  • Always make sure someone knows where you are going
  • Always bring some food and water
  • Check the weather forecast before heading out so you can dress appropriately
  • Don’t overdress – Wear light layers so you won’t overheat and it won’t be a pain to carry as you take off layers
  • Footwear- Ensure you use waterproof boots or hiking boots so your feet stay dry and comfortable
  • Get an early start – Daylight doesn’t last too long during winter months and an early start allows you to beat some of the crowd
  • Bring basic safety equipment – Headlamp, extra clothing, space blanket


How to get there

Located only 15km from downtown Vancouver, it is an easy drive. Drive east to the Trans Canada Highway (Highway #1) and enter the highway heading westbound. Continue across the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge (Second Narrows) and take Exit #22, Mt. Seymour Parkway, shortly after crossing the bridge. At the set of lights, turn right onto Mt. Seymour Parkway and continue along the parkway for about 4km until you reach the traffic lights and small shopping area at Mt. Seymour Road. Turn left onto Mt. Seymour Road and continue straight as the road begins to climb up Mount Seymour for the next 13km, where you will then run right into the parking areas.



Where is your favourite place to go snowshoeing?