Some Of Our Favourite Disney Memories

Last Updated on October 14, 2020

What are some of your favourite Disney memories?

Disney is magical. I grew up in a big Disney loving family. Though I did not make it to Disneyland until I was a young adult and after Darcy and I started dating, I always felt the Disney magic. Disney was still a crazy huge part of my childhood. My twin sister and I would play the VHS movies over and over again and I’m sure that we had them all. That love of Disney never seemed to fade and my first trip to Disneyland was so magical that I still joke that Darcy needed to pretend he was not with me — Disney brings out the excited little kid in us all. Darcy went once as a child to Disneyland and always tells me the highlights he remembers when we reminisce over our past trips.

I always swear that going back to a destination again and again isn’t our style since there are so many places that we have yet to explore in this huge world, but Disney is always the exception to the rule. I always joke that Disney can take all my money. All of it. As long as they keep our favourite Disney memories and the magic pixie dust circling all around me, it is theirs for the taking.

After experiencing just how magical Disney is, I was determined to take my kids one day. We heard time and time again that it would be a waste of money to take them so young and it would be so limiting to have a baby in tow, but those comments really could not have been more wrong. Disney is magical at any age and while the kids may not remember some of these trips, I remember the magic. The magic memories always warm my heart and make me smile — and that is good enough for me! Do not listen to what others say — go and see for yourself. Disney storytelling magic is real for kids and adults of ALL ages. We cannot wait until we take our newest addition, Olivia, who right now is four months old.

Here are some of our favourite Disney memories over the last “30 years,” starting with Darcy’s first trip to Disney.

Darcy’s Childhood Disney Trip

Darcy visiting Disneyland as a kid

Darcy visiting Disneyland as a kid

Darcy visiting Disneyland as a kid

Darcy visiting Disneyland as a kid

Darcy visiting Disneyland as a kid

Darcy’s first trip to Disney with his family was when he was 6 years old. His family drove down to Disneyland and ended up having their van stolen during the trip. Darcy remembers losing his Mickey Mouse hat on the Star Tours ride, and how much fun they had as a family. His memory of the trip is proof that though he may not remember many specific things from Disney that young, that he still appreciates going and having that experience, and his parents have some great memories with their children, just as we do with ours.

Our First Trip Together

A photo with Buzz Lightyear
Don’t you just love the “fanny packs”? Way back in 2007.

First Trip With Each Child As Our Family Grows

The first trip with each child is always so special and full of magic in different ways. With Madison, it was our first experience taking a kid to Disney, so it was part of a learning process before we were pro’s at figuring out how Disney worked for us with wee little kids. The first thing we realized that trip was that napping in the stroller was totally okay. We like to go back to the hotel for a swim if we can, but nap time in the stroller is a fantastic way for us to take turns on some rides that wee ones cannot go on. Madison loved honking Mickey’s nose and when we saw Belle both in a character lineup and at our character meal, Madison was full of so many kisses, just for Belle. Belle was obviously Madison’s favorite princess right from the start!

Sadie’s favorite princess from the start was Ariel. Jacob has always seemed to gravitate to Mickey Mouse and Simba. Their overall excitement and awe of the characters was so precious to see. From honking noses to giving a big smooch. It was also cute to see Jacob’s wide-eyes as he watched the Lion King show in Animal Kingdom.

This is how we have grown over the years. Our next trip will include our last little adventure buddy, Olivia!

Family photo in front of the castle at Disneyland
Baby Madison
A family photo at Disneyland
Madison and Baby Sadie
A family photo at Disneyland at Christmas
A little older Madison and Sadie… with Jacob growing in my belly!
A family photo in front of the castle at Disney World.
Madison, Sadie, Jacob… and a wee Olivia in my belly.

Kissing Characters

Madison giving Princess Belle a kiss

All of our children as babies wanted to honk a nose, kiss a nose, or give a full-out smooch. It is completely adorable and the characters really know how to react in the right way to make it a magical moment. Babies are so curious and it is so fun to watch how they react to the characters and those weird noses in front of them.

Jacob honking Minnie Mouse's nose

Heck, I even like to give Mickey a big SMOOCH once in a while…

Girl kissing Mickey mouse at Run Disney event

Dancing With Bubble Wands

Kids running around with bubble wands at Disney World

What kid does not love bubbles? I love watching the kids dance around surrounded by so much magic at Disney. I remember sitting there for a little break on our last trip to Disney World, watching them run around and bubbles everywhere. Those are the moments that I wish I could bottle and keep replaying again and again in real-life.

Madison Losing A Tooth

Girl loses tooth at Disney World
Look at that gorgeous missing-a-tooth smile!

Madison even lost a tooth during our Disney World trip. She lost it in the hotel, not in a Disney Park, but it sure added a lot of fun and magic moments to our trip. She was so excited to lose her tooth at a special location, especially since her first tooth was lost not long before that on Christmas Eve!

Dopey Challenge 2019

Girl displaying all the medals beside Dopey at the Dopey Challenge at Disney World

The Dopey Challenge is the epitome of the runDisney challenges. It happens during the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend and includes four early (5:30 am) mornings of running, with corral times even earlier. The runs include:  5K (3.1 miles), 10K (6.3 miles), Half-Marathon (13.1 miles) and a Marathon (26.2 miles). When you complete the 48.6 mile challenge, you will have a medal for each race, as well as a medal for completing the Goofy Challenge (half-marathon and marathon) and a medal for the Dopey Challenge (all four races). That is six medals! Completing the Dopey Challenge was a big fitness goal for me and the memories I have now are priceless. The most magical part of the races for me was running towards the castle when it was still dark and the castle was all lit up. The energy running down Main Street was intense with people lining the street and cheering.

All Decorated For The Holidays

Disneyland castle all decorated for Christmas

Christmastime is always such a magical time of year and seeing Disneyland all decorated for the Holidays was so dreamy. Disney always goes all out with its decor and they sure did not miss any incredible touches as they decorated for the “most wonderful time of the year”. Everywhere you look during the Holidays, you’ll be thinking how pretty all the decor looks and you will really feel the magic that comes with that time of year.

Belle’s Magical Tales

Little girls part of the Beauty and the Beast story at Disney World

Seeing the girls selected to take part in story-time with Belle was too cute. It was especially a dream for Madison and myself, since Belle is our favorite princess. You first enter Belle and Maurice’s country cottage and enter Maurice’s workshop where you see some neat gadgets and an enchanted mirror. You are shown the story of Belle and the Beast and then the walls disappear and you find yourself in the Beast’s castle. We loved how the Enchanted Wardrobe came to life and how Lumiere was directing the story in the Beast’s impressive library. We’ve always wondered why there was no Beauty and the Beast ride created and this made up for it. Almost.

Getting Dressed Up

Little girl enjoying her ride in a tea cup

One of the magical moments of taking little girls to Disney that want to dress up is watching them skip and swirl as they make their way around Disney. It is adorable and even more so when the Disney staff stop to say hi to the princesses and make them feel like they really are the princess that they are dressed as.

Riding Splash Mountain. Alone.

It is always a great time to run for your favourite rides during the fireworks. Once we have seen that spectacle on each trip, we try to get on some favourites when the lines are low. This time, I lucked out with actually nobody else around when I showed up to ride, so I went in my own log. It was both amazing and SO creepy floating through Splash Mountain on my own. Love the characters, but when you are all by yourself with empty logs ahead and behind you, it is bound to give you the creeps.

Girl riding Splash Mountain alone

Mailing Postcards

We are old fashioned and still love to be able to mail postcards to friends and family, even if they can be updated in real-time over social media. There is something special about getting a postcard in the mail these days, perhaps it is the extra time you take to send them and that little effort can mean a lot. Mailing postcards from Main Street at Disney is even more fun. You have to make sure to get your stamps out of the park ahead of time, since they do not sell postage at Disney, but we love sending some magic to our friends and family right from the park.

Mailing postcards at Disneyland

Fettback Trip

In January 2017 we ventured to Disneyland with all of the Fettbacks for a huge birthday celebration for Darcy’s Mom’s 60th birthday. We had never actually travelled with so many people before, so we were unsure what to expect. How on earth would this many people successfully conquer Disneyland without a ton of added chaos and stress? It was such a fabulous time and the kids loved being surrounded by so many cousins for a few days. Read more about our adventures with 18 (+one growing in my belly).

Little girl and Grandma at Disneyland
Birthday Girl “Beach Mama” (Grandma) with Rapunzel Sadie


We love Disney and we will ALWAYS be back for more. Who’s with me?


Family photo with Buzz Lightyear at Disney World


What are some of your favourite Disney memories?