Summer Fun Picking Fresh BC Blueberries

Last Updated on June 16, 2021

Summer means family fun picking fresh BC blueberries. Covid derailed our usual strawberry picking plans this year, so we knew we had to get out to pick something different. I thought that blueberry picking would be too tedious with little kids, with small and easy to squish berries, but I ended up being surprised. It was so fun and the berries were perfect for being picked by little hands.

Krause Berry Farms

One of our favorite places to go berry picking is at Krause Berry Farms. We were a little late in the picking season. I was concerned when the girls at the pre-pay told us that there were not many berries left. When we got to the field and looked around, we felt like there was a ton left for picking. There was more than enough.

New Berry Picking Rules

Usually, you are able to bring your own container to the Krause Berry Farms u-pick, but with Covid, the new protocols include buying a container from them. We would usually bring a couple of containers previously, and you would have them pre-weighed and weighed at the end. Instead of letting us buy one big container, they made it mandatory that every person entering the field had to buy a pre-paid container, the smallest option at $5.

Maybe it was that we hit blueberries at the end of the u-pick, but it was also fabulous to be the only people in the field first thing in the morning. You will notice that when we can, we prefer to get up early for when places open. It is more peaceful and more often than not, there are few others. As we were leaving a few more families were arriving at the field.

Part Of Any Great BC Summer

We definitely need to try to get out to pick a variety of different berries next summer. We sure do love our strawberry picking, but picking fresh BC blueberries was just as fun. Picking some BC berries is part of any great British Columbia summer!

Do Not Miss The Berry Waffle!

The best part about picking berries at Krause is enjoying some waffles with fresh berries on top. On offer that day was, you probably guessed it, blueberry waffles. The kids devoured them and Olivia was so proud to join in on her first Krause waffle.

Take a look at the blueberry fun:

Kids smiling while Picking Fresh BC Blueberries

Picking Fresh BC Blueberries

Baby blueberry picking

Baby Picking Fresh BC Blueberries

Blueberry picking

Little boy blueberry picking

Young girl blueberry picking

Young girl Picking Fresh BC Blueberries

Little boy blueberry picking

Baby blueberry picking

Baby blueberry picking

blueberry picking

Blueberry waffles after blueberry picking with pig statue

Delicious blueberry waffle after Picking Fresh BC Blueberries
How good does that waffle look?!?
Baby enjoying blueberry waffle
Olivia was super happy to get in on the blueberry waffle goodness.

Do you have any berry picking traditions each summer?