Teapot Hill Hike In Chilliwack

Last Updated on June 18, 2022

Teapot Hill In Cultus Lake

Teapot Hill is a short 5.5km (out and back) hike in Cultus Lake Provincial Park, in Chilliwack, British Columbia. As you follow the trail to the top, you can find dozens and dozens (we counted over 100 during our visit) of teapots and teacups hidden throughout the hike. Teapot Hill is rated easy and has a net elevation gain of around 250m. The trail takes around two hours but could take longer if you really enjoy searching for teapots.

When you reach the top, you will find views of Cultus Lake. The views are mostly obstructed by trees, but you will still find a pretty enough view of the lake before you reach the absolute top of the trail. However, the teapots and teacups are the real gems of this trail.

Teapot Hill is a wonderful hike for people of all ages and abilities. Keep in mind that it is called Teapot Hill for a reason. Some people find the uphill a little tiring. Take your time and enjoy all the fun teapots and teacups around you, and you should complete it just fine.

This hike is also a wonderful activity option if you’re staying at a Cultus Lake Campground and want something unique to break up your time.

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Why The Name “Teapot Hill”?

In the 1940s, the area was called Teapot Hill by a logger that found a teapot on the hill.  In recent years, someone began leaving teapots on the trail for others to find and the popularity of the hiking trail skyrocketed.

Take a look at some of the teapots and teacups that we found:

Searching For Teapots

We all had a great time searching for teapots and teacups. Some are very obvious, and some you need to be looking up to find. It is a great way to get kids interested in hiking and to inspire people to get outdoors and enjoy nature. There was so much laughter and racing along the trail to see who could find more teapots. It especially gave the kids a reason to keep moving and turned into a fantastic active day in the fresh air.

Stay On The Trail

From time to time the teapots are cleaned up by city workers, so there is a chance that you may hit the trail before the teapots get re-populated again. They are removed because of breakage, creating a trashy mess, and making a safety issue for those using the trail. Be respectful and do not touch any of the teapots and teacups. Just admire them.  We lucked out with how many we found!

Also, stay on the trail so you do not damage any sensitive plants that need to not be stomped all over so that they can thrive. The park is host to a rare species of orchid and wandering off the trail could cause you to unknowingly trample them in your efforts to hide or find teapots.

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The Teapot Hill Trail

The trail starts at the parking lot for the Teapot Hill trail. You will see a well-worn trail start climbing a hill. Follow the trail and it soon turns into a large gravel road. You will first pass a small B.C. Hydro shed on your right, and then an outhouse and map of the area on your left.

Continue to climb the trail, surrounded by gorgeous moss-covered trees. The next notable trail view is the pretty creek you will pass on your right. Take a minute to stop and enjoy the sound of the rushing water. After an additional 500m, the trail will begin to narrow.

After roughly 15 minutes you will reach a trail on the left called “Horse Trail”. Do not stop or turn off there. Continue down the same road you have been wandering down and you will eventually see the sign for Teapot Hill, that points for you to go to the right. The trail is clearly marked. The path will again narrow, but it is well-worn and easy to follow.

There is a drop off on the left

After turning right at the Teapot Hill sign, this is where you will start to find the majority of the teapots. Five minutes in, the path will narrow even more for a bit of a climb, before leveling out. You will want to especially watch your kids as this narrow section has a drop-off along the left side.

The trail then widens again as you approach the two different viewpoints of Cultus Lake. You have reached the end of the trail when you reach the second viewpoint, which is fenced.

When you’re done enjoying the teapots and views, retrace your steps back to the parking lot.

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The view at the end of the trail

When To Go

The trail is accessible year-round but would be difficult to find the teapots and teacups if under snow. The best time to use the trail is May to October.

Bring Your Dog

Dogs are allowed on the Teapot Hill trail. Dogs must be kept on a leash and please properly clean up after them.

Directions To Teapot Hill

Google Map Directions from Vancouver, BC to Teapot Hill.

On the Trans-Canada Highway/ BC-1, head East towards Hope. Take Exit 104 and follow the signs for Cultus Lake; there is adequate signage. You will come to a T in the road. Turn right onto Tolmie Road, and then left onto No. 3 Road.

When you reach the next T-intersection, turn left onto Yarrow Central Rd. Continue onto Vedder Road until you reach the roundabout. Exit right onto Columbia Valley Hwy. Continue down the road along the campsites and public beaches. On your left, just past the Clear Creek Campground, you will see the sign and parking lot for Teapot Hill.

Parking At Teapot Hill

The trail begins at a small parking lot that can only fit about ten cars. If the lot is full, you will have to park along the road. It is a remarkably busy trail, so you will want to arrive early.


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