The Challenging Grouse Grind Hike

Last Updated on August 30, 2016

The Grouse Grind is a challenging 2.9 Kilometer trail (2,830 stairs) up the face of Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver, BC. Often referred to as “Mother Nature’s StairMaster,” take one attempt at the Grind and you will understand why.

We love hiking and being outdoors and try to fit in as many Grouse Grind hikes as we can each year. Some years we are more successful than others, but have always fit in at least two Grinds.


The average person, who is in decent shape, is able to complete the Grind in up to an hour and a half. Some records have been made by trail runners reaching the “Peak Of Vancouver” within thirty minutes, but such a result is not typical. We have heard of hikers taking up to three hours to complete the Grind. Annually, over 100,000 people hike the trail.

The important part is to go at your own pace. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and you WILL get there. Reaching the top is no small feat and you will feel amazing and accomplished once you reach the top!

Your legs will thank you. Maybe not right away, but they will.
What you can expect to find along the trail
What you can expect to find along the trail
What you can expect to find along the trail

New signage added along the Grind trail alerts hikers to the risk of injuries that may occur if you’re not careful. Our best advice for the Grind is:

  1.  Stay hydrated. Bring extra water.
  2. Let faster hikers pass you.
  3. Stay away from edges of the trail that are not blocked off and there could be a danger of falling.
  4. Arrive early in the morning to have the least tourists around, trying to hike the Grouse Grind in jeans and flip flops. We have seen this several times and please note that this is NOT SAFE. Proper shoes and hiking attire is required for safety.
  5. Do NOT hike down the grind. The chance of falling increases significantly. It is not worth the risk of injury or death.
Not one of our best times, but that goes to show how important it is to get there early so you’re not stuck around people you can’t safely pass by.
Not a bad view once you reach the top!

If you’re not into such a challenging trail, the Baden Powell trail curves off at the beginning point of the Grind. The Baden Powell trail is a rugged but well-maintained trail that traverses Greater Vancouver’s North Shore region.

Have you ever completed the Grouse Grind? What are your thoughts on the trail?