The Holocaust Memorial : Memorial To The Murdered Jews Of Europe

Walking along the undulating ground of the Memorial To The Murdered Jews Of Europe, we couldn’t help but feel shivers go up and down our bodies. It is both a breath-taking and intense experience when you think about everything the different sized blocks have to symbolize.


The blocks feel as if they are in sort of a maze-like fashion, and the deeper you get into them, the more lost you become as you make your way into the taller blocks located in the middle. It is almost like you are being swallowed up by the art representation as you wander through what partly seems to symbolize the loss of touch in human reason and the upheaval of the lives of the Jews.

It is a place for much sadness and reflection, but is presented in a very innovative and tasteful way to show the horrors of the past regime in Berlin.

We also felt that it symbolized the remembrance of the many murdered non-jewish people and is an overall recognition of Germany acknowledging the tragic past history and saying “Never Again”.


Below the outdoor memorial, there is a small under ground museum that will help you gain a better understanding of what the artwork is memorializing. The museum is by donation and is well worth the donation.

The museum and above-ground artwork will really make you reflect on the world as it was, and the world as it is today, though still imperfect in many ways.


What were your thoughts about the Memorial To The Murdered Jews Of Europe?