The Most Spectacular Views Are High Above The Clouds

Last Updated on April 30, 2021

It can be frustrating when you’re traveling and the weather is not turning out as you had hoped, especially when you’re plan is to go up a mountain to see incredible views of the Canadian Rockies. When we woke this particular morning, I’ll admit, we were completely bummed. We figured that we would get up to have a complete obstructed view. As we gained elevation along Whistlers Mountain, we were completely awestruck as we realized what was happening. There was definitely still a view to be seen and mother nature sure gave us a good one. We learned a big travel lesson that day: The most spectacular views are high above the clouds.

This view was heavenly!
A great view once the cloud started to clear. You could see a glimpse of below, while still having the main attraction
This view shows the magical peaks of the Victoria Cross Mountain Range and the Roche Bonhomme (Old Man Mountain)

As we rose higher up the mountain, we realized that we were rising above the clouds and even if it wasn’t a clear morning to see the Rocky Mountains completely, the view was more magical than we ever could have expected. The Rocky Mountains were covered under a blanket of white, with the peaks rising above the clouds. It looked like a painting; it looked so unreal. It felt like we could walk on the clouds. It felt like perhaps we were getting a glimpse of something just heavenly. We were awestruck.

Madison enjoying the snow while we enjoyed the magic happening behind her from the Upper Station
There was more visibility by the time we headed back down
We could see a little more on the way down – including the fact that Fall is well on its way!
Pyramid Mountain
Victoria Cross Mountain Range

As the Skytram approaches Whistlers, the tram takes a steep climb, but it remains a smooth ride. The flight is seven minutes long and will take you to an altitude of 7474 feet to the Upper Station. After you get off the Skytram, it is a short hike to the summit. We didn’t do the hike as it was to slippery with having to worry about two little kids  at the same time, but we heard that the view was even more spectacular at the summit.

The tram runs every nine minutes, and seemed very efficient, so you will not have to wait long for a ride up or down. The Skytram operator was quite entertaining and made the ride up, though short, full of laughter. He sure was “Fun-knee”; he had a tattoo on his knee that said “FUN” and had so many puns to go along with it. Great personality.

The Jasper Skytram is the longest and highest guided aerial tramway in Canada. It is also the only guided aerial rope-way in the Canadian Rockies. On a clear day, you would have spectacular views of six Rocky Mountain ranges, glacial fed turquoise lakes, flowing rivers and the scenic mountain town of Jasper.

Know before you go:


Have you ever thought you would be disappointed with a view and ended up being completely surprised? 



Our visit was sponsored by Jasper Skytram, but as always, our opinions are our own.