Vegas, Baby! : Enjoying Vegas With A Kid In Tow

Last Updated on June 19, 2015


During our previous visits to Vegas, we never had really noticed how many kids there really were roaming the strip with their parents. Fast forward to March of this year, and as we strolled the Vegas strip, we were surprised at just how many kids were in tow, with the adults looking like they were still having a blast.

As we walked along, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was really a good idea: the shows you can see are completely limited, gambling is out of the picture (though we aren’t big gamblers anyway) and you now have a curfew, in Vegas of all places. But, as we wandered around, we found that we didn’t mind any of the above one bit.

We also opted for a hotel that did not have a casino, the Vdara, and were completely satisfied with the luxury and extra quiet the hotel had without the casino chaos.

And, we found plenty to keep us entertained in Vegas, including taking turns riding in a race car.



What can you do with a baby in Vegas?

Explore the different features of each hotel. There is more to each hotel than just a casino. Not being able to really sit down and gamble gave us the opportunity to take a deeper look around and enjoy all the design aspects that make each hotel so unique. We especially loved the Alice In Wonderland -esque garden in the Bellagio, the Eiffel Tower and Arc De Triomphe of Paris, and the Italian theme in the Venetian.

Bellagio Garden
Luxor hyroglifics

Visit the Shark Reef in Mandalay Bay. The Shark Reef features more that 2,000 animals in nearly 1.6 million gallons of water over 14 exhibits. We were able to see rare Golden Crocodiles, take part in a Touch Pool Experience (Sting Rays) and see over 30 sharks in the 1.3 million gallon Shark Exhibit. It was a stunning view to walk through the shark tunnel exhibits and see the “diver’s view” of such an incredible underwater world.


Go to Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat in the Mirage.  Watching the dolphins jump around and show their incredible intelligence was enjoyable. I am completely in love with dolphins and each time I witness them again, I am left in complete awe of their grace, beauty and intelligence.




However, as soon as we walked into the area where the other animals were kept, such as the White Lions and Leopards, my heart broke into a million pieces. The cages were so small that it felt completely cruel. Doesn’t this photo of the Lions just break your heart?


Swimming in the hotel’s pool. Madison is a little fish, so we made sure to make use of the hotel pool each day, even if just for a short swim.


Free shows. There are some incredible and free outdoor shows you can see at some of the hotels. We were able to enjoy them all and they left Madison wide eyed and full of wonder. The Mirage Volcano was spectacular, as was the Bellagio’s water show. The volcano eruptions start at 8:00pm and run every half hour. The Bellagio fountains run every half hour from 3pm-7pm and every 15 minutes after 7pm until midnight.



Vegas with a kid was completely enjoyable, though keep in mind that Madison is still under one year old. I’m not sure Vegas with a toddler would be as relaxed. We found that we were able to explore a different side of Vegas that we would have perhaps skipped over otherwise. It was a great feeling to see the look of wonder in Madison’s eyes. Vegas is filled with more family friendly activities than you realize. While it can be annoying to be told that you can’t go near slots, take a little look around and you WILL find activities for kids.

Another debate that arises is if you should even take a child to Vegas. In our situation, Madison is too small to understand the chaos going on around her. For this reason, we didn’t have a problem taking her to Vegas. She still spent a fair time sleeping because of the stimulation. A child older than Madison, I cannot say we would feel comfortable taking them. After all, it is Sin City. At the end of the day, everyone has to do what is right for their situation, but we personally would not take more than a young baby with us, if we had to. There are a million other places that I would rather be with a baby, toddler, or other young child, that would be a lot more fun for us to spend time together.


What are your favorite activities to do in Vegas with a kid?