Vegas While Pregnant: Is It Really A Good Idea?

Last Updated on August 17, 2023

I’ve been humming and hawing over writing about my last Vegas girls trip that I decided to go on while pregnant. I had a great time, though my pregnancy made it difficult at times, leaving me feel like the odd one out while everyone had a jolly old time after hours. However, I decided it was a great example of the difficulties and best parts of traveling while pregnant, so…

Here is the reality of what can happen when you travel while pregnant.

Vegas While Pregnant: Is It Really A Good Idea?

Vegas by night

Vegas is a great place. It usually starts off as a cheap getaway, until you add in all the booze and gambling, that is. The Fettback girls had planned a trip to Vegas well before Darcy and I found out I was pregnant with our third little miracle. My thoughts of Vegas had to to with the typical cocktails, fine dinners and staying up well past my bedtime. Though there was an unmeasurable amount of happiness when the plus sign appeared on the pregnancy stick, I immediately worried that Vegas wouldn’t be the ideal getaway and was ready to cancel. Ultimately, Darcy convinced me that I could still enjoy a trip to Vegas and off I was, nauseated and on an airplane to Vegas, pregnant.

What I found is that Vegas can really be a paradise for pregnant ladies (I saw several other pregnant ladies during my time there), but you really have to figure out ahead of time what you are getting yourself into and plan accordingly.

The bad part about going to Vegas when you’re pregnant:

  1. It isn’t fun being the only sober one around a ton of drunk people. You’ll feel like the odd one out, unless you’re with others that either don’t drink so much, or are willing to set some kind of limitation (while not having to limit their fun) to make sure everyone is included.
  2. You’ll likely end up going to bed before everyone else, especially if you’re having nausea like I was, meaning that the next morning you’ll be left wandering the Vegas strip alone, rather than hanging out with the people you went with. It is nice for some quiet, but also lonely as hell in the middle of Vegas.
  3. If it is pool weather, you could relax by the pool. When we went the pools were shutting down with the cooler weather, not leaving that as an option.
  4. Make sure you bring a portable charger for your phone. When you’re on the far end of the strip and your phone battery is going to die, that could cause some problems when the people you are with wake up.

The good parts about going to Vegas when you’re pregnant:

  1. When you are wandering Vegas alone, you don’t have to share your indulgences.
    I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some Cheesecake Factory cheesecake!

    The Hershey’s Store has so many delicious options. Almost makes it impossible to choose just one!
  2. The Bathrooms: You can find a bathroom everywhere and even the ladies washrooms never have a line. It is very helpful for when you have to run to the washroom so often, to pee or puke.
  3. Non-Alcoholic drinks: There are non-alcoholic options at every bar, but I personally didn’t find any of them tasted great. They really just tasted like flavoured syrup, but know that there are options for you to try; hopefully you like them more than I did. However, I loved the Virgin Margaritas at Margaritaville. So tasty!
    The Chandelier Bar was super classy and gorgeous!

    We found a great spot for breakfast, America. The ceiling featured a massive 90 x 20 foot map of the USA that highlights America’s most iconic landmarks.
  4. The exercise: There is a ton of walking to do in Vegas, up and down the strip and exploring the casinos. You will get in a ton of exercise to compensate (hopefully) for your Vegas indulgences. Never underestimate how much there is to see in Vegas, both on and off the strip!
    The garden display in the Bellagio is always breathtakingly stunning.
    The garden display in the Bellagio is always with a stop to admire it.

    Another Bellagio highlight – the glass floral ceiling
  5. Non-Gambling Activities: Alongside the myriad of shows, concerts, and other entertainment options available, don’t miss out on the captivating Cirque experience. Our group thoroughly enjoyed securing Michael Jackson One discount tickets for a fantastic evening. Additionally, we had the opportunity to attend the Absinthe show. Despite its more intimate nature, the performance was captivating and executed with exceptional precision. However, it’s worth noting that the show does incorporate some risqué elements. Absinthe has gained recognition as “the most inventive and daring show to open on the strip in years!” If you’re open to a bit of saucy humor, you’re certainly in for a delightful treat.

    Cirque Du Soleil “Zumanity”, the “erotic thrill ride”


Here are some of the other great Vegas sights:

Sights walking the Vegas strip
Fountains of Bellagio
One of the stunning features in The Forum Shops at Caesars
Sights walking the Vegas strip
Sights walking the Vegas strip
Treasure Island decor
Sights of Paris, walking the Vegas strip
Venetian Hotel Gondolas
Venetian Hotel Gondolas
Sights of Paris, walking the Vegas strip
The stunning ceiling decor at The Grand Canal Shoppes


Would I go to Vegas again, pregnant? Probably not. At least not for a wild girls weekend. This is our last planned baby though, so it is likely not something I would have to worry about again in this lifetime.

At first, Vegas doesn’t appear to have much to offer a pregnant lady, but if you plan it right, it can be an enjoyable getaway.

Have you ever been to Vegas while pregnant? How was your experience? Would you ever try Vegas while pregnant?