Vessi Are The Best Waterproof Sneakers For Active Families

Last Updated on January 31, 2023

Disclaimer: We received Vessis in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Vessi Waterproof Shoes

If you live in a rainy climate or are frequently around water, you know how important it is to have a good pair of waterproof shoes. But finding shoes that are both stylish and functional can be a challenge. Enter Vessi, a Canadian company that makes ultra-lightweight, comfortable, and stylish waterproof shoes for both adults and kids (starting at C11).

Whether you’re looking for a casual sneaker or one specifically with adventure in mind, Vessi has something for everyone. And best of all, their shoes are environmentally friendly and vegan!

Are Vessi Shoes Nice?

Absolutely! All Vessi shoes are handmade with waterproof materials, and come in a variety of stylish colors and designs. The shoes feature breathable, lightweight midsoles that provide superior comfort over long lengths of time. Plus, the unique lacing system ensures a snug fit every time.

Kids Weekend Sneaker

Why Is It Called Vessi?

With inspiration drawn from the Finnish word for ‘water’, Vessi quickly gained traction and generated more than one million US Dollars in their inaugural kickstart campaign.

Raincouver, a place where rain is plentiful and the locals have earned their beloved nickname – gave birth to Vessi waterproof sneakers! No wonder people in Vancouver know Vessi so well; this household name has totally taken over the local industry of waterproof footwear.

Are Vessi Shoes 100% Waterproof?

No need to worry about rain, snow, mud or slush ever again when you wear Vessi’s! Our unique technology is knitted directly into the fabric so that it can provide superior protection from all elements. Like any shoe, however, just don’t walk through water higher than ankle height, above the shoe line.

Grab a pair of Vessis HERE.

Vessi are also the perfect shoe for a beach cleanup — dry feet!

Why Vessi Shoes Are The Best Waterproof Shoes On The Market

Vessi shoes have revolutionized the footwear market with their 100% waterproof capability. Made with a knit upper and patented water-repelling sole, each pair of Vessi shoes keeps your feet completely dry no matter the elements. From light showers to puddles and unexpected downpours, these shoes allow you to take on whatever comes your way without fear of wet socks! Not only do they guarantee unparalleled protection from moisture, but Vessi shoes boast ultimate style and comfort too. With sleek designs from minimalist running sneakers to sophisticated dress shoes, Vessi offers a fashionable selection for any occasion. Whether you’re on the move or out for an evening stroll, these are THE best waterproofs shoes on the market.

How Vessi Shoes Are Different From Other Waterproof Shoes

Vessi shoes offer superior water resistance and breathability when compared to similar products on the market. They feature revolutionary seam sealed waterproof construction and a knitted material-based upper that is highly permeable, allowing your feet to stay dry without experiencing the suffocating heat and sweat of regular waterproof shoes. Unlike many other designs, Vessi footwear incorporates no glue or stitching which can break down over time, meaning you can enjoy long-lasting protection from the elements. Additionally, its non-slip molding sole provides extra grip on wet surfaces for increased safety in any environment. With such innovative design and practicality, Vessi shoes provide much more than just water protection – they’re revolutionizing what it means to wear waterproof shoes!

Vessi is loved by +500,000 puddle hunters internationally!

The Benefits Of Wearing Vessi Shoes

Wearing Vessi shoes can profoundly improve your life and make outdoor activities more enjoyable. They feature a signature waterproof knit fabric which keeps your feet dry and comfortable all day long. The Direct-fuse technology ensures water resistance without compromising breathability and flexibility. They also come with memory foam insoles to keep your feet cushioned as you explore the outdoors. From hiking, fishing, running, or simply walking around in the rain, Vessi shoes are built to last and provide you with style and comfort while protecting your feet from the elements. Make sure to check them out next time you’re looking for the perfect pair of shoes that can keep up with your active lifestyle!

Ladies Weekend Sneaker

The Different Styles Of Vessi Shoes Available

Vessi shoes provide a range of styles to suit any fashion lover. From the soft, comfortable Weekend sneakers perfect for everyday routines, to the Cityscape, which offers a unique flair with its asymmetrical design and innovative materials – Vessi have an offering that caters to everyone’s individual style. Even the business-savvy are not left out – all these shoes boast ultimate breathability and waterproofing to help keep feet feeling cool in those long work days. With an abundance of color choices, sleek modern lines and clever material technologies, Vessi is ultimately making footwear more practical and stylish than ever before.

The Ultimate Travel Shoe

Vessi shoes are perfect for adventurous travelers who want to explore the world in style and practicality. With its lightweight design and superior waterproof technology, these shoes provide ultimate protection against rain and other elements while keeping your feet comfortable. The unique knitted upper allows them to be packed into a compact size that fits easily into any suitcase, making them ideal for any journey. With their sleek designs, Vessi shoes can easily transition from one activity to the next – perfect for those who like to stay on the go! Whether you’re climbing mountains or strolling city streets, these shoes are essential footwear companions that keep your feet dry and comfortable all day long.

How To Care For Your Vessi Shoes

Taking good care of your Vessi shoes will make them last longer and ensure they keep their trendy, comfortable style. To keep your Vessi shoes looking good, gently wipe them clean and do not expose them to extreme temperatures. If needed, you can remove light dirt with a soft cloth or brush and some mild soap, though you should never submerge them in liquids or scrub them with a heavy-duty equipment as that could damage the shoe. Also make sure to dry your shoes indoors rather than leaving them out in the sun for too long. Keep up these simple steps, and your Vessi shoes will maintain their vibrant look for years to come!

Vessi Shoes We Have Tried And Love

As a family of six that loves Vessi, we sure have tried a lot of them! We have tried, and honestly love, the following:

Women’s Everyday Move-  This stylish shoe is perfect for everyday lifestyles and features the signature waterproof knit fabric and direct-fuse technology. It’s lightweight yet still provides all-day comfort, and its sleek design makes it an ideal choice for hot summer days.

Men’s Everyday Classic – This shoe is crafted for everyday wear with an improved sole to provide more seamless and supportive steps. With its classic style and modern materials, it’s sure to be a favorite among adventurers everywhere.

Men’s Everyday Move Slip-On – The perfect mix of style and comfort, this shoe offers a lightweight design. It’s perfect for slipping on quickly and keeping your feet dry when you don’t want to mess with laces. Whether you’re spending long hours on your feet or need a comfortable shoe for light travel, the slip-ons offer an ideal solution.

Women’s Everyday Classic –This shoe is crafted for everyday wear with an improved sole to provide more seamless and supportive steps. With its classic style and modern materials, it’s sure to be a favorite among adventurers everywhere.

Kids Weekend Sneaker – This kid-friendly shoe is ideal for weekend adventures. It features a lightweight yet supportive design, keeping your little one’s feet dry and comfortable all day long. With its fun colors and modern materials, it’s sure to be an instant favorite.

Women’s Weekend Sneaker – The perfect weekend shoe for the modern woman, this sneaker offers a lightweight yet supportive design. It’s ideal for outdoor activities or casual days out, and its stylish design will make any outfit look great!

Each of these Vessis are waterproof, as well as ultra-comfortable; so ultimately it comes down to your individual style and travel plans when you are determining which pair best fits you. Though not ideal for trekking, these are the perfect lightweight shoes to bring along for when you’re not hitting an intense hiking trail.

You will also find that Vessi releases some limited colors or designs, so if you see something you love, snatch it up fast before it is gone!

Kids Weekend Sneakers (ends) and Ladies Weekend Sneaker (middle)

Shoe Sizing

The instant we received our Vessi shoes, they fit like a glove! There was no need to break them in – there were zero blisters and it was absolutely exhilarating. Nothing beats the feeling of getting something that works perfectly right away.

Without a physical storefront, buying from Vessi can be intimidating. Fortunately, their website offers an extensive sizing chart so that you don’t have to worry about making the wrong decision – although they do host occasional pop-up stores in Vancouver for those who want to try on shoes before purchasing!

Adult shoes fit true to size. There are no half sizes, so if you wear a half size, you will have to order the next full size. Kids Vessi shoes run a size small, so order one size up from what your child(ren) is comfortably wearing right now.


Vessi Is Worth The Buzz

Vessi shoes are the perfect combination of style, comfort, and easy maintenance that has made them a top choice for those searching for waterproof footwear. There’s something to suit every taste from their vast selection of styles. If you’re in need of quality waterproof shoes, then look no further than Vessi!

With their sleek waterproof designs, innovative materials, and various colorways available across their range of shoes, Vessi is the ultimate  shoe for whatever adventure you may go on. Keep up with simple steps to care for them and you’ll have a sturdy pair of shoes you will love!

Vessi exceeds expectations and is undeniably worth the buzz! From wandering city streets to wandering in nature, or  exploring tide pools and doing a garbage clean-up at the beach, Vessi shoes will keep your feet dry and comfortable all day long. Say goodbye to your clunky rain boots, and hello to sleek protection from the elements!


Vessi will change the way you live your life – one step at a time.


Find your perfect pair of waterproof Vessi shoes HERE.


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