Exploring The Creepy Crawlies Of The Victoria Bug Zoo

Last Updated on April 5, 2023

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The Victoria Bug Zoo

Since 1997, the Victoria Bug Zoo has been exhibiting incredible bugs from different parts of the world.

This bug museum in Victoria provides an exciting journey of discovery into the incredible world of creepy crawlies. Discover fascinating facts about each species, get up close and personal with your eight-legged friends, enjoy live presentations and marvel at the fun displays. See all kinds of incredible bugs, from creepy crawlies like millipedes and hissing cockroaches to creatures you never knew existed such as walking sticks and leaf insects. There is an impressive variety of interesting insects for you to explore.

It’s an amazing opportunity to get up close with nature in all its weirdness – these invertebrates can be seen, and sometimes even handled, by visitors. You won’t just observe their habitat either; experts at the zoo will provide interesting facts and anecdotes regarding each species too – so don’t forget your camera!

Whether you’re a budding entomologist or just looking to expand your knowledge of nature’s wonders, this is a truly unique experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Where Is Victoria, BC?

Victoria, BC is the capital of British Columbia, Canada. It’s located on Vancouver Island just off the Pacific Coast and approximately 110 km south-west of Vancouver. It is easily accessible by boat or plane from various parts of the world and should be a must-see on your British Columbia itinerary.

Why We Love The Victoria Bug Zoo – And You Should Too!

  • They show various types of invertebrates found worldwide, some of which may not be familiar to most people.
  • They use facts and enthusiasm to counter the abundant misinformation and negative stereotypes about bugs.
  • They help visitors overcome phobias in a safe and controlled environment.
  • They offer an exceptional, interactive opportunity suitable for individuals of all ages to encounter and learn about some of the most undervalued creatures.
  • They encourage the recognition and protection of all forms of life, regardless of their differences from humans.
  • A safe space is created for young people to grow and cultivate a lifelong interest in insects.

Get Eye-To-Eye With Exotic Bugs From Around The World

There’s no need to book a trip around the world – at Victoria Bug Zoo you can get an up-close and personal encounter with some of the most exotic bugs from all corners of the globe. Enjoy learning about their lifestyles, diet, and many other interesting facts. Plus, visitors of all ages can get eye-to-eye with these amazing insects due to the zoo’s special observation opportunities. Get ready for a unique experience that will leave you buzzing!

Learn Interesting Bug Facts From Knowledgeable Zookeepers

Are you curious about bugs? Have you ever wanted to learn more about their amazing and intricate traits? At the bug museum in Victoria, visitors can explore a plethora of species, ask dedicated zookeepers questions, and hear stories and facts that will fascinate. With knowledgeable personnel who have an enthusiasm to match any eager learner, the Victoria Bug Zoo is an ideal choice to explore all that nature has to offer.

The Bug Zoo experts will show you habitats full of unique species and curious wonders. You’ll get up close and personal with some of nature’s most interesting inhabitants as you wander around the zoo room with your guide.

Discover the secrets of these marvelous creatures. Get an intimate look into their wonderful lives, habits, and relationships with our environment.

Interactive Experiences With Live Bugs

Experience the world of bugs like never before at the Victoria Bug Zoo! Here, visitors of all sorts can enjoy live interactive exhibits with a wide variety of creepy crawlies. From giant millipedes to remarkable stick insects, come on down and see first-hand just how amazing these little creatures are. Learn about their fascinating lives and get into the exciting experience that is the Victoria Bug Zoo – where every person, from those young to young at heart, can have an unforgettable time with some buggy friends

The Victoria Bug Zoo Gift Shop Offers Unique Gifts For The Whole Family

If you’re looking for something fun and unique to take home after your visit to the Victoria Bug Zoo, look no further than the Bug Zoo gift shop. Choose from educational books, insect collecting gear, t-shirts, edible bugs, and more!

It’s packed with a variety of original items that are perfect for every member of the family. You’ll find plenty of one-of-a-kind goodies here. And don’t forget to check out their tasty selection of edible bugs – they make a surefire conversation piece at any gathering. The gift shop truly has something special for everyone.

How Long Is A Visit To The Victoria Bug Zoo?

Although visits at this incredible bug zoo in Victoria are typically 30-60 minutes, we stayed even longer during our visit over spring break because it was really busy. We took a tour of the zoo with three different educators and thoroughly explored the room to learn as much as we could. The amount of information available is vast, so don’t miss out.

Victoria Bug Zoo Tickets

No reservation is required, but a few spots are available throughout the day for pre-booking. Walk-ins are also welcome anytime. However, the zoo isn’t huge, so if it reaches full capacity, there may be a waitlist.

Ticket Fees (2023)

Adult (Ages 18-64) – CA$16
Youth (Ages 5-17) – CA$8
Child (Ages 4 & Under) – Free
Senior (Ages 65+) – CA$12
Post Secondary Student (Valid ID Required) – CA$12
Annual Pass Holder (One Year Membership | Ages 5+) – CA$36

Masks Are Still Mandatory

At the time of our visit in March 2023, masks were still mandatory at the Bug Zoo for those 5 years old and over (some exceptions apply).

Take The Plunge And Visit The Victoria Bug Zoo

Experience fascinating and potentially creepy crawlies from around the world. Take a tour, learn about each bug’s unique environment, get eye-to-eye with exotic creatures and enjoy interactive experiences with live bugs. Knowledgeable zookeepers will provide you with interesting facts about insect anatomy and habits that you may not find elsewhere.

Make some fun-filled memories at the Victoria Bug Zoo!


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