Visiting Disneyland With …. 18 People!

Last Updated on April 29, 2021

Earlier this month we ventured to Disneyland with all of the Fettbacks for a huge birthday celebration for Darcy’s Mom’s 60th birthday. We had never actually travelled with so many people before, so we were unsure what to expect. How on earth would this many people successfully conquer Disneyland without a ton of added chaos and stress?

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“Beach Mama” (Birthday Girl and Grandma) with Rapunzel Sadie
The thought of traveling with so many people can really be daunting, especially if you have never done it before. Here is the best advice we have for you for visiting Disneyland, if you would like to attempt something as crazy and awesome as we did: 


  • We did carry-on luggage only. This made it a lot faster and easier at the airport, with already having to transport so much stuff since there was eighteen of us!If you want to bring some bigger ticket kid items, perhaps look at some affordable options by reading this article here, so that if anything gets damaged, it isn’t a big deal.
  • Make sure your kids have enough to entertain them on the flight. The bonus of having so many people with us, is the kids could help entertain each other.
A great way to keep kids busy and wanting to stay in their seat on a flight with so many family members — having their special own tray that fits right on their lap to use with all their activities and snacks. We love The Snack and Play Travel Tray and were so glad we thought to use it on the airplane. It made our lives so much easier. It didn’t quite fit all the way between the arm rests, for it to sit properly, but Madison was content with just having it on her lap with the tray strapped on so it couldn’t go anywhere. It’s also waterproof; the strong, wipe-clean nylon is ready for any mess  your kid can make!
  • We rented a big house to accommodate all of us. It worked out cheaper than individual hotel rooms, it was more comfortable, we were able to actually see each other outside of the chaos of Disneyland, and the kids were able to play freely. The kids also loved having the pool and used it each day. It was also great to have the laundry available right there — little kids get their clothes dirty fast!
It was all very turquoise and had a great Mexican flare, but was the perfect space for us all to mingle when we weren’t at the park.
  • If you’re not going right into the park on the first day you arrive, make a quick trip to get your tickets sorted out. It will save a huge headache and a huge line when you arrive on the first day you want to be inside the park.
  • You’re going to want to split into smaller groups for a lot of the time; herding so many people in one direction can be quite the challenge.  Make sure you rotate who you are with so you’re able to spend time with everyone.
  • Meet up for meals. We took most of our food into the park to save money on food cost with so many people needing to be fed. Picking a time for everyone to meet up allowed us to still get together as a big group and enjoy everyone’s company. Think picnic items, such as sandwiches, raw veggies and fresh fruits.
  • Make use of the Fass Pass AND the Switch Pass. Half of the eighteen of us were kids, so switch passes were like Gold.
  • Get to the park before it opens. You’ll be able to get yourself better organized and can get on a couple of the longer rides that don’t have switch passes, before the lines get too insane.
  • If you are an early bird not staying on site, start the day in the park not hosting Extra Magic Hours. You’ll enjoy a little less craziness for a bit.
  • Only send one or two people in your party to get Fastpasses. That way the kids can go on another ride or keep occupied another way.
  • With so many people, it is always a good idea to have a plan and prioritize attractions. Make sure you know what you need to see most, and what is most important for the kids to see.
  • Make sure you are in a ride line when the park closes. Once you’re in a line, you will get to ride even if it is already past park closing time.
  • Make dinner reservations in advance. Darcy and I took the girls to Goofy’s Kitchen for breakfast one morning and all of us met up for a special birthday dinner at Wine Country Trattoria. Making reservations means you know you won’t be disappointed.
Goofy’s Kitchen was a great dining experience. Fun characters, and they really have thought of everything they could possibly offer for food. Even if you have a super picky eater, they will be able to over-fill their belly no problem.

Anaheim is, of course, well-known for its theme parks, but also has great attractions for those needing to relax and indulge a little. You’ll find plenty of wineries, breweries, sports, trendy boutiques, and more. Every time we get out to Anaheim, we love finding more of their unique offerings and Anaheim treasures. We loved receiving this gift basket that was a great way to get us excited for our latest trip to Anaheim. It was a great way to get the conversation about the trip started and a fun way to find out more about what else we would like to explore next time, with all Anaheim has to offer.

This was a great basket of goodies to get us excited for our trip to Anaheim –the coolest thing included was a cutting board shaped like California. Darcy even wore the Mickey ears in Disneyland!

Traveling with a large group requires more of everything, but it really requires extra planning. Travel maneuvers that are routine with your immediate family can become quite the production with a large group like we had. However, if you think ahead, you’ll be able to focus on having fun rather than sorting out a long list of headaches that could have been avoided.

Always must have some fun shots in front of the castle — baby bump and all!

Did you know? (Source)

  • Instagram revealed the top 100 geo-tagged locations of 2015 and Disneyland in Anaheim is #1.
  • Robin Williams, Steve Martin, Michelle Pfeiffer and Kevin Costner all used to work at Disneyland.
  • There’s a dating app dedicated for people who love all things Disney called Mouse Mingle.


Spontaneity can be hard with a large group in Disneyland, especially with varied opinions and interests. So, like we found, don’t be afraid to split up for a bit and agree on a time and meeting place to re-group.  We really didn’t know what to expect, traveling with so many people, but it was a TON of fun. It’s definitely something that should be taken advantage of if given the opportunity. The memories you make are priceless and will last a lifetime.


Have you ever travelled with a large amount of people? Please share your experiences and tips below?