What We Did On Our Trip To NYC

Last Updated on November 8, 2020

NYC is a fascinating place, but the last time we were on a trip to NYC, six years ago, I was pregnant with our first (Madison) and had so much nausea that I was miserable. Even on this trip, it was like my body remembered. It took the good part of a day to adjust and not feel a little off seeing some sights we saw before. It sure is funny how pregnancy can do that to you. Your body remembers! NYC is also where we came up with the name Madison. We were wandering lost, looked up to see a Madison Avenue street sign and thought it would be a great name if baby was a girl.

The sleepless city of dreams was fantastic this time around. I always cringe at going back to a place we had been before, since there are still so many places left to see, but this felt like a necessary re-do. Plus, back then, we were obsessed with “cool” settings on a point and shoot we had just bought, so our photos really sucked. I have no idea why I thought it was a good idea to leave my nice Canon camera behind.

Most of the time we have the kids traveling with us, but Darcy wanted an adult trip this time. He mostly got his wish. I am still breastfeeding Jacob, who is ten months, and couldn’t leave him behind just yet. We only brought the baby carrier, no stroller, and I had no problem wearing him the whole time. The carrier also made it easier to continually be on the move. So easy, in fact, that we were logging 30,000 step days. That would have been a lot harder to do with an almost three and almost five year old, too. So, in a way we still got a bit of a break and some family were able to have some bonding time with the girls. That’s a win-win!

Here is a quick recap of some of the great sights we saw on our trip to NYC:

Jacob enjoying all the extra space in the Penthouse Suite

Radisson Martinique on Broadway – Upgrade

Our last time in NYC, the hotel room was so tiny that it barely fit the bed. We were so happy when we checked in and were offered an upgrade to a Penthouse Suite. We had so much space in this NYC hotel room — and that was so heavenly. A sitting area, doors separating the bedroom, and a bathroom that we could actually turn around in.

Times Square is such busy, chaotic and fun place. Our backpack from Ashlin Leather was perfect for our daily essentials since we were gone all day from morning to….well, early morning.

Times Square

Times Square is a busy, magical place. It is neat being in the middle of all the hustle and bustle. We always ended up at Times Square at night; I especially love when the dark really brings out all the bright billboards and colours. A visit to Times Square is a MUST on any trip to NYC!

Spring had sprung in NYC
These houses with steps onto the sidewalk and fire escapes are what I think of when I think NYC

NYC Streets

Though we did take the subway, bus and water taxi, we still did a lot of walking on foot. We wanted to get right into the NYC culture and to be able to see the streets that we would otherwise miss if we were just hopping on the subway. We came across so many streets and buildings that just screamed NYC to us. Sights that we would have otherwise missed if we didn’t just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Too bad the seasons were over – would have loved to see a game

Madison Square Garden

On our bucket list is to see all the hockey (Darcy) stadiums and baseball (Debbie) stadiums in our travels. Another ticked off the list. It is always neat to hear the history and see a little behind the scenes. There weren’t any games going on as the seasons had ended for the teams, but it was still neat to take a look around. Madison Square Garden is quite the impressive stadium!

Mac ‘N Cheese at The Ainsworth – Melt in your mouth yummy

NYC Eats

We had a huge list of what we wanted to try while we were in New York, thanks to Instagram. We only were able to tick a few off that list, but were overall satisfied with our mouth watering treats. One of our favourites was the Mac N Cheese burger. It was seriously melt in your mouth perfection.

The boat ride had great cityscape views

Liberty Island and the Statue Of Liberty

We never want to turn down the chance to have a boat ride. Last time we weren’t able to get off on Liberty Island because we were there after a hurricane and it was closed for repair. This time we were able to get off on the island, but by the time we got there, they had reached their quota of people that could do the climb inside the statue. Make sure you do the tour to Liberty Island early in the day, so you are able to do the climb!

Great views of the Empire State building and Central Park!

Top Of The Rock

The Top Of The Rock is where you go to see a great view of the Empire State building and to see the contrast between Central Park and the concrete jungle; both were great views. This view here is one of the best in NYC. It really feels like you’re up close to it all!

Such great views of the concrete jungle

Empire State Building

We found the Empire State Building to be where you would go for a great view of NYC. You can see the Empire State building within the concrete jungle from the Top Of The Rock. We saw the view during daylight and night and they were both breathtaking. This is an essential stop on a trip to NYC!

The Blue Jays did not do well at the game we went to, but it was fun going to Yankee Stadium.

Yankee Stadium

We are Canadian and our visit to NYC purposely fell during the time we could see the Toronto Blue Jays play the NY Yankees. It was also Jacob’s first ball game, which to me is kind of a big deal. We picked the wrong game to go to, the night before they won and the game we chose, they were slaughtered, but it was still a great time. Who couldn’t have a good time sitting in the sun at a ball game? Coming from Vancouver weather of rain, rain and more rain, it was heaven.

It was such a beautiful day- so many people were out on the water!

Central Park

Central Park is huge and everywhere you turn, it is so picturesque. We took the bus to the far end and walked our way to the area of Grand Army Plaza and W59th, where you’ll find the famous Plaza Hotel.

The 122-foot-long Titanosaur cast is too large to fit into the Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Orientation Centre. It blew my mind.

Natural History Museum

I’m a little bit in love with dinosaurs. They absolutely fascinate me. When we first arrived at the museum, that was our first stop. Right to the dinosaurs. Natural History Museums (we have also been to the one in Vienna, Austria) are my kind of museum. I could spend hours there wandering and learning.

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is such an iconic bridge. No trip to NYC is complete without a visit.  It is neat to be able to walk across, but is always so busy. Once you get there though, you can see why. The Brooklyn Bridge is a hybrid cable-stayed/suspension bridge in New York City and is one of the oldest roadway bridges in the United States. Started in 1869 and completed fourteen years later in 1883, it connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn.



After we spent a few days in NYC, we caught a train to Philidelphia and spent a couple days there before our almost adult vacation came to an end. Keep checking back – we will soon be sharing more detail of our New York and Philly experiences on the blog!



Disclaimer: We were each given a NYC CityPASS to explore NYC and its highlights. However, as always, our opinions are our own.