Getting Muddy Ripping Around In A RZR

Last Updated on May 4, 2021

On our first day in Whistler it was rainy and extra muddy. The PERFECT setting to rip around in a RZR (Polaris RZR 900) for the 1.25 hour Wilderness Ride.


Ripping around in a RZR was so much fun! We took turns driving and both of us definitely preferred driving, though being a passenger and having to hold onto the ‘holy crap bar’ was a ton of fun, too. At one point we flew through a huge puddle so fast that the water came up over us like we were driving through a surf wave. The water left us completely soaked and exploding with laughter as we witnessed Whistler’s backcountry on the rockiest, bumpiest and muddiest surfaces we’ve ever driven on.

It was a pretty cold day when compared to the hot and sunny weather we just had in BC and with the rain, it was great that TAG also had extra coats, pants and boots available for those who wanted to try to stay a little more dry. When you arrive, if you want the extra gear, make sure you head to grab your gear first before joining the washroom lineup. There’s an impressive amount of gear to use free of charge, but sizing is limited. There’s also lockers to use, free of charge, to secure any belongings you don’t want to take with you.

The vehicle is super easy to control, you have a comfortable ride and they are, of course, fast! They also had a great safety feature, where as soon as you took  your foot off he gas, it would start to slow down before you could even press the brake.

The scenery really did rival the power of these impressive vehicles. We loved being able to explore places we would not normally have access to otherwise, with little effort and the adrenaline pumping.  There were no houses or buildings anywhere in sight; just stunningly beautiful wilderness everywhere you looked.

There weren’t this many RZR’s in our group – it was actually a couple groups getting ready together. We had five RZR’s with us on our course and it was perfect.
Getting ready to rip it up– The excitement was really building!


What a perfect adventure for a rainy and muddy day. By the end, we were soaked!
This was the calmest ground we encountered during off-roading. There were a ton of puddles and big rocks to maneuver around, or through!
Almost at a gorgeous viewpoint.
The view was still stunning on the dreary day, but can you imagine how gorgeous it would be with sunshine and blue skies?
Don’t drive off the cliff…
Posing after our adventure ended and I was soaked! Happy, but soaked to the bone.
There’s actually a lot of power behind one of these beauties!
Our favourite part of the RZR tour – going through the puddles – FAST.
The helmets sure hid our smiles!

What I loved about The Adventure Group (TAG), was how much attention they paid to safety. Before the activity we were briefed on how to operate a RZR and were bluntly told about the unsafe actions that would make the tour guide not even hesitate to send us back to base camp. Luckily, we didn’t have anyone dumb enough to be unsafe and we had a great time off-roading in the mud. Safety first, always! The staff were also extremely friendly.

It’s an adrenaline-filled off-road adventure that we would highly recommend to see the mountains from a different perspective. After having such a great time ripping around in a RZR, we couldn’t help but give into the temptation to try out their Treetop Adventure course, too. It was definitely a busy and fun-filled day!

You are taken up in a shuttle (included) to the base, which is a 10-15 minute drive after a short walk to the shuttle area from the TAG offices in Whistler Village.


What are your favourite off-roading activities?


Our RZR adventure was partially sponsored by TAG Whistler, but as always, our opinions are our own.