Dancing In The Treetops In Whistler

Last Updated on May 4, 2021

After having a ton of fun ripping around in a RZR, we knew we had to try the Treetop Adventure next.

We did the full course, which included 70 different obstacles, some reaching 60 feet above the forest floor. The obstacles were so creative and more challenging than we had assumed they would be. One minute we were swinging on a rope into a fishermen net, digging deep into our inner Tarzan (or, Jane), the next we were flying down a zipline, crossing shifting balance beams and moving logs. It was an afternoon full of excitement, adrenaline and fun.

There was even a selfie station part way through where you could push a green button and take your photo. This turned out so well, we couldn’t resist getting a copy. Does it look like we are having fun, or what?

We went in over-confident and soon found ourselves working muscles we had forgotten we had. The course took longer than we had thought it would and we couldn’t believe we were only half-way through when we reached the half-way point. Three hours after starting, we were flying down the last zipline. Three hours later, we were wondering if we even had the upper body strength and enough power in our hands to grip any more ropes and to finish the last couple elements. At the end, we were left exhausted– it was more hard work than we ever would have thought it would be!

Before your adventure begins, you are taken to a practice course when you learn how to use your safety  clips, and how to stay safe. We had a huge group of twenty people trying to go through the safety course and the guides were very quick to notice how long it would take, split our group in two, took the second group to another practice course and got us moving through it. Once we started the actual course, everyone easily became spread out and there wasn’t any waiting between each of the elements.

It had been a rainy day, and while the trees protected us from most of the rain, the elements were all wet, making them slippery and increasing the challenge for us. We loved it- if you’re going to be challenged, go all the way!

Take a look at some of the cool obstacles we encountered!
Water rushed below us, creating a calming and peaceful atmosphere for the fun.
Crossing balance beams
This isn’t your usual bridge, thats for sure!
Think you could keep your balance as the logs moved?
Fisherman’s net – great to swing into like Tarzan!
Swinging high up in the trees
Ready to do the splits as I try to venture across
I especially loved being able to find my inner Tarzan (okay, maybe Jane) as I swung on a rope into the net.
The yellow balls spun and spun as you would try to step on them. You had to find the best way to go over each obstacle!
Ready for a challenge?
We loved having the loud water rushing below us as we conquered each element.
Not your everyday bridge.
This is one of the elements that we found most difficult. It was also past the half-way mark and our arms felt like they would give out before the end of this element!


This activity is great for couples, families, team building and everything in between. There’s also another course for kids aged 7-13 years old. However, if you have a real fear of heights, this many not be the activity for you.

The Adventure Group (TAG) did a great job of offering a safe and enjoyable Treetop Adventure experience. The scenery, excitement and safety were excellent.


Have you tried a Treetop Adventure course? How was your experience?