Why We Love Travel Photography

Last Updated on April 30, 2021

One of our favourite experiences to photograph has been our African Safari

Photography didn’t really become important to us until we started traveling. We would take the odd photos, but it was never a priority for us. Having kids now, we take more photos than ever, but travel photography is where our love for photography really began. Taking photos of “far off” destinations, or even right in your “backyard”, is a lot of fun and a great way to learn to appreciate the beauty of the world around you.

Travel photography really inspired us because:

There are no “rules”

You’re able to show off your individuality through your photography. You can be in the same place as a dozen other people and chances are, you will have a different approach to your photographic style, and the photos will turn out different than the person next to you. Beauty and art are speculative.

Everyone has a story

Photography helps you to tell that story. We love being able to capture moments in time, moments that will hopefully be able to be remembered for years to come through our images. Images of us having incredible experiences. We love that with our story, that we can inspire others. We love that our influence can help other people see colour, objects and lights in an entirely new way. And, we love being able to look back through photos and remember. Remember those moments and remember the feelings in those moments. Photography is a journey that travels with you.

We love capturing memories to show our children when they are older

We become curiouser and curiouser

We love that even the smallest objects that could be seen by someone just walking down the street, really come alive. It is fun to find a different angle, perspective of an object and find something fascinating in what others would find ordinary. We love to be able to show the uniqueness and beauty of the world. Photography helps you see the small things and have a bigger appreciation for the world around you. When you are addicted to taking photos, you really start to notice more: textures, colours, lighting, and contrasts. Photography has changed the way the world sees us, and the way we see the world.

It is addictive and gratifying

The more photos we take, the more we want to take. Being able to look back at the image after you have taken it brings a lot of joy. From quickly viewing your image, you can also alter your camera settings to retake a photo and get the picture you want.

It is accessible

Years ago with needing to develop film on top of buying the camera in the first place, many people only took a few photos. In today’s world, with cameras and editing apps on your phone, photography is accessible like never before. Sure, you’ll get a better photo if you’re not using your iPhone, but today most people aren’t without the option to capture special moments and have fun editing with fun programs to create something beautiful. We love that anybody can take photos and love taking photos; cameras are gadgets.

We can share our photos with you

We started this blog because we wanted to share our photos and story with you. That fact also pushes us to be better behind the camera and to prove that a photo really can capture a thousand words. And, that those words are worth sharing.


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