Hi, We’re The Fettbacks!

Last Updated on May 17, 2023

Our Story

We (Debbie and Darcy) are enthusiastic travelers and parents of four little adventurers. We are based in Vancouver, BC, and Debbie is the voice and adventure captain behind World Adventurists.

Darcy and I did not travel much during our childhood. It was only after three years of dating that we chose to go to Mexico for a sunny and relaxing vacation. Our passion for traveling started there and we haven’t stopped exploring since then.

During our trip to Mexico, we came to the realization that there is more to life than the usual 9-5 routine and that the Canadian dream is not what we thought it was. This realization led us to adopt a new philosophy of “working to live, not living to work” after enjoying our time under the sun. Since that fateful trip, we believe that life is too short to stay in one place and should be lived fully.

We are grateful for the opportunities we’ve had to travel extensively across Europe, Africa, Mexico, and even within Canada and North America. We consistently strive to determine our next travel destination within our time and budget constraints.

At World Adventurists, we feature adventures that are not only in far-off places but also those that are close to home. We aim to encourage you to explore your hometown and consider visiting Vancouver, BC, which is our beloved hometown.

We believe that travel involves discovering new cultures, cities, and ways of life while stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new experiences. It offers a unique form of education that goes beyond traditional textbook learning. Although we value education, we feel that there is so much more to be learned from exploring the world than can be learned from a book.

We started sharing our travel experiences to showcase the transformative power of travel and how it can enrich your life. Our hope is that even if you’re not a frequent traveler, you’ll come across a story that ignites inspiration within you.

Take a chance. Be Inspired. Travel.