Relaxing In British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast

Last Updated on March 13, 2016

We’re just as guilty of it as any travel addict– when we first think of travel, our minds automatically drift off to far away places. We posted a while ago about how we afford to travel and the response showed that while travel isn’t affordable for everybody, the majority of people who messaged us also had the same mindset- travel means leaving your city, and to some, their country. This made us wonder why travel has to be seen as something to do only in far away places. Travel can include many experiences within your home town as well; travel doesn’t have to break the bank to be meaningful, relaxing and enjoyable. We’re not saying that far away places aren’t totally exciting, but rather that finding adventure in your hometown doesn’t have to be boring. You don’t always have to leave the country to have fun and create meaningful experiences.

We are so lucky to be living in a suburb of Vancouver, where adventure really is just around the corner. Regardless of where you live, we challenge you to take a look around and find some new adventures of your own. Our British Columbia adventures started last summer with our trip to the Okanagan and the Sunshine Coast was the perfect destination to continue this homegrown adventure.

On the deck to see the surrounding scenery



View from a car park level


With Darcy’s birthday in March, we felt it was as good an excuse as any to go on a little getaway. With the girls more than well taken care of by their Aunties and Grandpa, we were able to take off on a relaxing weekend just the two of us, where we were able to set aside the craziness of everyday life and recharge our batteries. It also helped that the Sunshine Coast was such a romantic and relaxing place to be. And, that when we returned Madison exclaimed that we could go away for longer; the girls definitely enjoyed being spoiled all weekend!



It is rather embarrassing how little travel we have done through British Columbia, since we have lived here our entire lives. The Sunshine Coast really is just a stone-throw away from Vancouver, so the fact that we had never been to the Sunshine Coast had to change. We got a great deal on Social Shopper for two nights in a private Treehouse Cottage in Sechelt. The Treehouse Cottage is a cedar cabin that is perched up in the trees with decks overlooking the rainforest. Though there wasn’t an ocean view from the Treehouse, the ocean was only a short stroll away and we loved the sound of the creek that ran through the property.

Schelt and the Sunshine Coast overall is known for its natural beauty and is a popular destination for those interested in hiking, scuba diving, camping, and other outdoor activities. Sechelt is the geographical centre of the lower Sunshine Coast, located on a narrow stretch of land between the waters of the Georgia Strait and the Sechelt Inlet. Sechelt is the biggest community on BC’s Sunshine Coast.

We went into the weekend with our only hopes being to spend time together and to get out on the smooth-as-glass water with some kayaks. Unfortunately kayaking was the one thing that wasn’t in our cards, being the tourist “off-season”, as all the shops were closed. We had access to kayaks through the Treehouse, but then we didn’t have life jackets, and the kayaks were quite small for 6’5″ Darcy, so that wouldn’t work either.

Instead, we decided to take a long drive along Highway 101 and take stops along the way to take in the beautiful surroundings. We were lucky that the one full day we had, on the Saturday, the rain stopped and we had some beautiful sunshine; great weather to open the sunroof of our vehicle, take in the fresh air, and enjoy driving down a fairly deserted highway.

Driving along the Sunshine Coast in the sunshine!
I had to take some time to appreciate the beautiful surroundings, sitting on the end of the dock. It was so peaceful.
Since we couldn’t get a kayak into the water this time, being so close to the water was so calming. If the water wasn’t so cold, I would have jumped right in. It looked so inviting.
Who wouldn’t want to go boating around the Sunshine Coast?
The perfect spot to stop for lunch.

Friday and Sunday were both overcast with showers, but that didn’t stop us from exploring some of the surroundings before we retired to the comfortable Treehouse Cottage.

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The Treehouse Cottage was an amazing place to stay while we took some time to relax. It was so cozy and in a beautiful, private location in the trees. You couldn’t even tell you had neighbours; all you could hear was the rushing water making its way rapidly through the creek that runs through the property. We loved opening a window at night or in the morning and listening to the water rush by.

The wood burning stove was another nice touch. It was wonderful to start up a fire inside and enjoy the heat it gave off. We wished we could bottle up the smell from lighting a fire; lighting a fire made us feel like we had all the time in the world to relax. Also on the property is a private hot tub, further leading to the ultimate relaxation. We weren’t far from home, but we felt like we were miles and miles away.




There were a lot of stairs up to the top!





Love the smell of a wood fire burning
We loved sleeping in the loft. The skylights meant we couldn’t seep in too late, but it was wonderful to wake up naturally and to the birds chirping and water rushing through the property. So peaceful.


The private hot tub was wonderful for a relaxing dip after dark.
The creek that runs through the Treehouse Cottage property

With the Sunshine Coast being only an easy 40 minute ferry ride from Vancouver, followed by a short half hour drive down highway 101 (the Sunshine Coast Highway), after visiting we couldn’t believe we didn’t take a trip out there sooner. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking and we loved being on Sunshine Coast time; being able to relax and not worry about what time it was.


Sitting on a log.
The area near the Treehouse Cottage


BC Ferries Tip: We were pleasantly surprised when we found out something we had not considered. We paid our fare and boarded the ferry on the way into Sechelt. We later found out that the fare is only applicable when boarding from Horseshoe Bay in Vancouver. You do not have to pay for the return ride. The ferry is considered to be an essential service, since it is the only way to transfer a vehicle off the peninsula, saving us easily $80.


Have you ever been to British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast? What are your favourite spots along the Sunshine Coast?